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How Snippets work

Snippet sessions are ad-hoc sharing events that can happen whenever we have enough people interested and someone willing to run one. 

The snippets channel is unlocked by a Moderator or Helper, and people form a queue to share their snippets in turn. 

The snippet session is run by whoever has volunteered to facilitate.

People then take turns to share a snippet of their writing and are given feedback by all other participants (and anyone else who is reading!).  


The Rules


  1. Your snippet needs to be no more than one (1) Discord message or 350 words long, whichever limit you reach first. This means 2000 characters for standard messages and a little extra wiggle room to get that last sentence in for Nitro users.


  2. Our content warning rules apply. Before posting a snippet you believe to have sensitive content, ask the other participants if they are okay with this. Always warn and spoiler triggering material.


  3. No explicit smut allowed. Keep the snippets rated T.


  4. Queue sizes are to be a max of 10 people. This is intended to keep the sessions at a reasonable length. You can still start a snippet session with three people and seven new ones can join.


  5. You need at least 3 people to start.


  6. Snippets sessions are an exercise of equal sharing. You are expected to give feedback to all participants. If you do not intend to do so, then snippets is not for you.


    This does not mean life doesn’t happen. If you need to leave suddenly, that’s fine. We’re talking about clear patterns in behavior, not the once in a while odd Oh No I need to fend off this Purple Unicorn!  


  7. If you join late, you are expected to provide feedback to everyone who already shared their snippet. It is not fair for you to join the queue halfway through and receive engagement from everyone, while you only commit to the remaining participants.




  1. No re-queues. Once your turn is up, remain for the rest of the session to participate and give feedback. But you will not be added to the back of the queue.


  2. No off-topic chatter. Please keep off-topic chatter (announcements prior or after each turn, talking about fandoms, and anything best suited for general) out of snippets.

    Clarification: Announce participants with short, boilerplate introductions, such as “Author 001, your turn!”.

    Customized announcements lead to some people getting less fanfare when joining, which makes new users (who may not get a lot of attention for their grand entrance) feel unwelcome or like they are intruding on an in-group.

  3. No re-shares. If you do not currently have anything new to share, please do not join just for the sake of joining and submitting something you already shared recently. Let other people take a spot and give the readers a chance to not just have to say “As I said before…” 
  4. Don’t spam the lobby to recruit for snippets or schedule sessions with groups. If you asked and no one wanted to participate, please wait at least one hour before asking again. After that time, different people might be active and you might get participants. Please keep the signup open for everyone and do not schedule sessions for existing groups. This is an event open for everyone on the server. 
  5. Respect the Facilitator. If you are being reminded of the rules by the facilitator, or if there is no room in the queue for you, be respectful. If you are being asked not to share a specific type of content or to spoiler something, please do so. And let the facilitator facilitate; do not take over their role.  

What happens if these rules are broken and guidelines not followed? 

If we get reports of a user not respecting the above (which are put in place to make sure as many people as possible can participate), the user will be restricted from participating in snippets for two weeks. Repeatedly disrespecting snippet rules and landing in the snippet jail may prompt staff to consider a formal warning.

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