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Our Content Warning Guidelines

Content warnings are extremely important to apply to potentially triggering content in order to respect and support the comfort of everyone who uses the server.

Encountering triggering content unprepared can cause serious harm to someone’s mental health. Some examples of topics that should always include a content warning (even when implied/referenced) are: abuse, non-con, CSA, or graphic violence and gore outside of #goreantine.

If you are on the fence as to whether something should be warned for, ask a moderator. 

What we do not want to see are Joke Spoilers or an excessive use of spoiler tags for discussions. These teach users to click on spoiler tags without giving it much thought, potentially exposing them to genuinely triggering content.

This is an example of a properly formatted content warning:


We ask that you warn above and below to be courteous of both people actively in the channel and people backreading.

You must specify what the warning is for so people know what they are clicking on.

It is not sufficient to simply spoiler bar the text as some users do not have spoiler bars enabled, and without a warning no one has any idea of what they are going to see when they click on the text. 

#goreantine and #smut_talk are both role-gated, opt-in channels that contain graphic violence/gore/squick and sexual content related to writing, respectively.

It is our expectation that you still apply warnings for topics that are above and beyond the norm for this channel. This would mean warning for extreme gore that is beyond the norm for #goreantine, and warning for non-con etc. in #smut_talk. Not everyone who uses those channels has consented to seeing that type of content.

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