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#Agree To Disagree Rules

Agree to Disagree is meant for discussions of sensitive and controversial topics around (and in) writing.

We’ve set this place up to be a resource for fan fiction writers, readers, and general fandom enthusiasts. That is our main goal. Our mission, if you will.

Though since many call this place their “Home” server, eventual discussions (or debates, call it what you like) circling around political and controversial topics, are inevitable.

However, it is not what we are here for. Searching out debates, ranting about highly controversial subjects, is something best done elsewhere.

To gain access: Once you have been active on our server and and shown that you can adhere to our rules as well as be respectful and mature in your interaction with other users, message a moderator to get access.

The Rules


The channel is only meant for discussion of topics in and around writing. Unless you have actively redirected by a moderator due to a more general discussion, only discuss writing-related topics.

Know what you’re writing.  Be open to the feedback you get and do not be dismissive if it turns out that what you plan to write comes with implications or consequences (dogwhistles, racist, phobic, discriminatory, etc…).

It’s okay to write controversial stuff! We’re not here to tell you you cannot, but we do want to help you know the tone you’re evoking and prevent you from writing something you didn’t intend to.

Moderators reserve their right to revoke role permissions if the need arises. If we presume you are looking to get a rise out of people, and in particular do not engage in any of our main channels, we will take action.

You will remain civil at all times. Any hostility, aggression, name-calling, insults, or trolling will result in your removal of this role and with a warning on the server at large.

Do not ping users to draw them into debates or to bring them back into the discussion once they have distanced themselves.

When replying to someone, make sure the default ping is off.


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