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How Review and Beta Trades works:


  • #review_and_beta_trades is for trading reviews and beta services.
  • You can offer Beta services directly by leaving a note here that you are looking to beta something.
  • But do not simply request a beta without offering something in return.
  • Don’t just drop your fic in here, but look around for what’s already posted to see if there’s someone you can match with.
  • If you find someone, get in touch with them in a direct message, or otherwise ping them in one of our lobbies if they have DMs turned off.

To make it easy for people to get a good overview in here, stick to a posting template.


Title: Yip-yip
Fandom: Resident Evil
Summary: Redfield doesn’t like dogs, yet there’s a puppy at the foot of his bed.
Words: (include if finished or not)
Fandom blind friendly?

And don’t forget to give information on what sort of feedback you are looking for, and what feedback you are willing to give (word count, review type)

Any posts that do not follow these rules will be removed. Please do not chat in the Review and Beta Trade channel. Take that over to the lobbies.

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